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General Terms and Conditions

First Validity

We only deliver to the following terms and conditions, which are all online with us on our side www.indendesign.de based contracts. The following provisions contrary to or deviating general terms and conditions of the purchaser shall not apply. The following terms and conditions apply exclusively even if we unreservedly knowledge of contrary or deviating conditions of the following terms and conditions of the customer delivery and service.

Second Memory ability and insight into treaty text

2.1. You can view these terms and conditions with the general provisions contained on our shop page. You can also print out this document, or save by using the usual functions of your Internet service program (= browser: usually the \"File\" -> \"Save As\") use. You can download this document in PDF format and archive, click here. To open the PDF file you will need the free Adobe Reader (at www.adobe.de) or similar programs that can handle the PDF format.

2.2. You can also archive the data of your order simply by downloading either the terms and save on the last page of the ordering process combined data using the features of your browser, or wait for the automatic order confirmation, we will additionally by Email accounts your order to the address you can get. This order confirmation e-mail contains the data once your order and these terms and can easily print or save it to your email program.

2.3 Your order data will be stored by us, but are not immediately available for security from you.

Third Contractors, and contract language

3.1. Your contractor is the firm Inden Design. Contracts in our online shop can be closed at the moment only in German.

3.2. Our offers are subject to change. Changes in contract design and / or due to technical improvements, we reserve the right to.

3.3. A binding contract comes into existence only if we accept the buyer\'s order by delivery of the goods or by a letter of acceptance (confirmation) or by delivery of the goods within 10 working days from receipt of order and receipt of any payment in advance. Note that delivery will be made in advance after Gutbuchung the full amount into our account. The electronic order confirmation does not constitute acceptance of the contract, but merely serves to notify the customer of the actual receipt of the order and can be used for archiving purposes.

4th Prices, Free Shipping

4.1. Apply for orders in our internet shop at the time of the order quoted in the offer prices. The stated prices are final, that is, they include the statutory VAT and other price components, plus shipping and handling fee, as seen in the ordering process. The shipping costs depend on the value of the contract and the shipping destination. Please note the special costs of payments, as they may arise in COD shipments.

4.2. For deliveries outside of Germany can arise when imported into a third country other costs (tariffs, customs fees and import of any sales taxes). These other costs are borne by the customer. He makes us free from any claims in this regard.

5th Payment on delivery orders

5.1. For collectors of shipping orders (possible in our store in Rennerod during normal business hours) must be paid for

5.2. In Versandbetellungen (about shopping system, writing), the following options:

5.3. When ordering directly through our online shopping cart system: * cash on delivery
Payment will be made in cash directly to the parcel carrier in the transfer of goods. We ship to you via GLS with cash on delivery. € 8.00 per package fall on delivery fee. This applies for example for each wheel, each exhaust, and wheels etc. An example: An order has 4 wheels, with exhaust and suspension packages = 6 = (8 +8 € € € +8 € +8) +8 +8 € € = 48 plus € COD charge. In general, a lump sum payment of € 200.00 is payable. * In advance
Please remit the balance upon receipt of our \"Invoice / Payment\". Enter your name, the customer and the document number. The dispatch of the goods will be available immediately upon receipt of your payment to our account.

5.4. We deliver within Germany and Austria, the Benelux countries and France. The carrier, we can determine at our discretion. Deliveries outside the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany or at customers based in another country have received payment.

5.5. We strive to deliver ordered goods immediately. We believe that the majority of the goods always in stock. We send items to within 14 days of order. If it is necessary reordering is not stored goods, the delivery time 21-42 days. Different delivery times for certain items, please refer directly to the offer.

5.6. The delivery time extended due to the delivery of debilitating strikes and lockouts and other measures we can not represent, especially in cases of delays in delivery caused by force majeure. Beginning and end of such obstacles, we will notify the customer immediately.

5.7. For consumers, the risk of accidental loss and accidental deterioration of the goods sold on to the Customer at the delivery of the goods to the consumer or a receiver appointed by him. This applies regardless of whether the shipment is insured or not. For entrepreneurs, the risk of accidental loss and accidental deterioration of the goods with the delivery, for sales by shipping the goods to the shipper or otherwise to execute the dispatch person or institution to the contractor,.

6th Right of withdrawal

6.1. The consumer, based in Germany has to pay the cost of the return within the statutory right of withdrawal, if the delivered goods ordered and if the price of the item to be returned of not exceeding 40 euros, or if at a higher price of the item date of the revocation has not been rendered in the consideration or a contractually agreed partial payment.

6.2. Customers from other EU Member States have to bear the costs of return if the delivered goods ordered unless mandatory provisions of national law at the seat of the load excludes it, or limit such costs to the consumer to comply with certain conditions or the amount. For buyers from other countries, we can not grant reimbursement.

6.3. Please find below the legally required notification of the conditions and consequences of withdrawal for consumers: Notice of the Right of withdrawal ©

If you order for private purposes, as a consumer, you are on your agreement to the completion of the contract will no longer be bound explanation, if you have them canceled on time.

Execution of the cancellation
The revocation has no justification and is in text form (eg letter, fax, e-mail) or - explain by returning the item within 2 weeks to the employer - if the goods before the deadline, sufficient to meet the deadline, the timely dispatch of the cancellation or the goods. The revocation must be sent to:

Inden Design
Right on the main road 2 B 54
56 477 D - Rennerod
Tel: +49 (0) 2664 911 61 44
Fax: +49 (0) 2664 911 61 45

Over the period of revocation
The course of the withdrawal period is dependent on many conditions. The entrepreneur needs to the consumer on the Internet for electronic orders measures to aid in the detection of input errors and relevant information, as well as provide essential information to others under contract and contents, contract language and to save the contract text is available. He also has substantial information about the offer and contract to communicate again in text form (eg letter, fax, e-mail) so that the time limit may be set in motion.

DerLauf the withdrawal period begins not before the consumer receives the notice of cancellation received in writing. Shipments of goods also, the period begins before the date of receipt of the goods to the consignee.

Calculating the period runs
Period beginning the first day after the day on which the last condition was fulfilled. If the start date is disputed, the employer bears the burden.

In the case of an effective withdrawal, the mutually received benefits and any benefits (eg interest) surrendered. Transportable items are to be returned at our expense and risk. Non-transportable goods are collected from you at our expense and risk. Obligations to reimburse payments must be made within 30 days. The time limit begins for you when you send your cancellation or the goods, for us upon receipt.

However, you have to bear the costs of return if the delivered goods ordered and if the price of the item to be returned of not exceeding 40 euros or if you are at a higher price of the goods are not at the time of full payment or a contractually agreed part payment provided. Otherwise, the return is free of charge.

Liability for compensation and notice to avoid
Can you give us the performance received whole or in part or only in deteriorated condition, we are entitled under certain conditions, to demand compensation.

A prerequisite for an obligation to pay compensation to a determination by the proper use of the thing resulting degradation is the release of the receipt of a possible compensation obligation and an opportunity to avoid them, in addition to text form (eg letter, fax, e-mail) of contract. A liability for compensation is not, among other things, if the impairment is solely on their examination - as they would in a retail store - is due. In addition, you can avoid having to pay compensation by not using the goods like an owner and omitting everything, which impairs the commercial value of the goods.

Failure to pass the right of withdrawal
There are statutory exceptions to the right of revocation (§ 312 para 4 BGB), and we reserve ourselves to you to on the following rules: no right of cancellation in distance selling contracts to supply goods that are produced to customer specification or clearly personalized needs and not tailored to the delivery of audio or video recordings or software if the delivered data carriers have been unsealed by the consumer. The same applies to goods that are not suitable due to their condition for a return or spoil quickly or whose expiration date has passed.

End of withdrawal

7th Retention of title

7.1. The seller retains the title to the goods until full payment of the purchase price.

7.2. In commercial transactions in addition, the following applies: The product may be sold by the buyer only in the ordinary course of business. We reserve the right to revoke consent to the foregoing resale of the goods delivered under retention of title as well as in the case of your payments from the contract and to demand the return of the goods. Receivables from the resale of goods subject to retention of title are assigned to us to secure our rights. You have to inform us in case you carried attachment product immediately. We commit ourselves to release the securities due to your request insofar as the value of our securities exceeds the secured claims by more than 20%.

8th Warranty

8.1. It shall apply to purchasers who have not ordered as a consumer, without limitation, the statutory warranty provisions. We shall in particular ensure that the delivered goods are free at the time of transfer of risk of defects.

8.2. We assume no responsibility for defects or damage caused by improper use, from a failure to comply with the operating instructions or improper or negligent treatment.

8.3. Consumers and contractors have the choice whether to take place in the event of a defect, the remedy by repair or replacement. We have the right to refuse the type of post, if it is only possible with disproportionate costs and the other type of performance without significant disadvantages for the consumer. For contracts with companies is the type of remedy, at our discretion.

8.4. If subsequent performance fails, the customer according to the law generally require either a reduction of the purchase price (reduction), cancel the contract (rescission) or damages instead of performance. If the customer chooses compensation instead of performance, the liability limitations under the following point \"adhesion\" of these Terms and Conditions.

8.5. The statutory warranty period is two years for all of us delivered newly manufactured products.

8.6. For service inquiries, please contact us at the above contact details.

8.7. Danger:
If your vehicle being involved in an accident or the collision or have been in an uncontrolled driving condition, the rims a stop or a strain were exposed, we urge the rims for damage such as deformation, stop signs or cracking in the wheel center to leave.

9th Liability

We are liable for all damages claims - particularly in tort, organizational negligence, negligence of contract or any other debt-related claims arising from breach of duty - only if we or our vicarious agents are guilty of intent or gross negligence or damage to a breach of contractual obligations or claims under § § 1 and 4 of the product liability law. The above limitations for cases of simple negligence does not apply to damages resulting from injury to life, limb or health, as defined and in case of acceptance of a warranty or the fraudulent concealment of a defect § 444 BGB, in these cases, we are also liable for simple negligence by our legal representatives or agents. Insofar as our liability is excluded, this also applies to the personal liability of our employees, representatives and agents. Any warranty promise also remain unaffected.

10th Privacy Policy

10.1. We remind you that your order and address information is stored. A storage and use of your data is in the order processing (also used by delivery to the ship with), any warranty claims and for our own promotional purposes. You may object to the use of your data for advertising purposes at any time by a simple notification to us and we will immediately take up in our black list.

10.2. Right Under the Federal Privacy Act, you have a right to free information about your stored data, and a right to rectification, blocking or erasure of data.

11th Off, retention

11.1. The right of set off is available only if your claim has been legally established, are undisputed or acknowledged by us.

11.2. To exercise a lien, you are only entitled, as your claims on the same contractual relationship.

12th Governing Law, Jurisdiction and Severability

12.1. All legal transactions or other legal relations with us the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The UN International Sale of Goods (CISG), and any other international convention, even after its takeover by German law, shall not apply. In contracts for a purpose that can not trade or profession of the owner be attributed to (deal with consumers), this choice of law applies only to the extent that the protection provided by mandatory provisions of the laws of the State in which the consumer has his habitual residence has not been revoked.

12.2. In business transactions with merchants and legal persons of public law jurisdiction for all disputes relating to these terms and conditions and the validity of closed individual contracts, including bills and checks, our office will be agreed. We are in this case is entitled to sue in the location of the customer.

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